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Welcome to EMiniProfileDaytrading: Free Education on Volume Based Day Trading

Posted by Editor on August 31, 2009

A short version of Statement of Purpose, for this blog:

Give it Away for Free, and See What Happens

Let’s see if we can create a great instructional manual for extremely high accuracy trading, and give it away for free! This blog will be the product of that endeavor. Gradually, day by day charting of a volume based strategy, employing market profile techniques, will unfold this trading plan. Throughout the curriculum, there will be detailed consideration of all the nuts and bolts: how to get the data feed, charting capabilities, the best broker, the best rates, etc—–how to do everything as inexpensively and as efficiently as possible to have all the tools, all the opportunities for an edge, and with the least expenditure and squandering of capital before any profits have accrued.

(For further understanding, read the whole story, including history and motivation for this experiment, in the “Background and Introduction” section. Also, in that section, you will find reference to my other blog, Esminidaytrader.wordpress.com. There I posted several consecutive strings of trading days,as they were occurring in real time. At the end of each day I posted my actual time and sales of every trade, along with screen shots of the charts, showing exactly where each trade was entered and exited. I also posted some videos of analysis of the setups, logic and management of the trades. You will  see that my trading results were exceptional in many ways. My trading produces extremely high accuracy, beyond what is considered possible by most trading experts: 2021 trades, with a total of only 41 losing trades. On my blog, I explain how the accuracy is achieved, and I demonstrate it on hundreds of trades documented throughout different periods of trading in 2008. EminiProfileDayTrading is very different, with the emphasis here on specific educational focus, to reveal practical objective trading tactics, grounded in the powerful tools available in Market Profile and volume based analysis.)

Further Education for the Exceptional Student

There is an option for some individuals who return to this blog often enough to make genuine progress, learning from it and applying some of the tools shared here with promising returns. I will be putting in time at the end of each trading day, developing the curriculum. It will be there on the screen for interested students to assimilate. This format is different from the norm, in which you go to class on the first day, see the teacher, get some books and start studying them. Here you will get all the material first. You can study it and work with it, and even trade with it.

After some months, as the value of the material on the blog gets more tangible and “complete”. Some blog regulars may start to realize their potential and seek more. If some express interest, I may be available for personal instruction, on a one to one basis. That training would require lots of homework by the students, and daily evaluation of real time performance during the trading day, to gain capability for executing the high probability strategies with total consistency. Obviously that level of training and personal attention will cost money. The program would be custom designed for the needs of the individual student, so the pricing is not fixed; it is contingent on the exact structure, time and frequency allotments, and program duration, in the personal interaction on phone and internet. All these factors are dependent on initial consultation. The students’ background, trading experience, objectives, expectations, trading capital, commitment to doing all necessary homework etc—–all these things are critical in qualifying for this training, and for our creating a teaching/learning plan. For anyone interested, first read the Background and Introduction section, then you may reach me via the “Contact” page, or leave a message at:

Ph# 641-472-4606

Whatever the interest may be in further education, everyone is free to enjoy the educational materials shared on these pages. No strings attached. I will do my best to unfold the possibilities of these trading strategies in a progressive development of this very effective methodology.

How to Benefit from the EminiProfileDayTrading Curriculum

VERY IMPORTANT: Start from the beginning! The curriculum presented here is structured in a sequential development of the principles, strategies, techniques and tactics applied for implementation of volume based analysis in day trading. The whole process of evaluating market condition, context, key levels going into the trading days, and developing areas of value and directionality during the day is presented in a linear fashion, beginning with the first video. There is a gradual progression of examination of these variables and the specific tools used to take advantage of the precision of trade planning available for the trader who knows how to use the tools in the context of facility with the volume based logic. Later videos begin to reveal the process for “putting it all together” to arrive at clear cut, objective entry setups and triggers which afford the highest probabilities and greatest risk reward potential, day in and day out, intraday. Everything should become quite clear for the patient student who simply follows the progression step by step as the market plays out through these pages which trace the path of its flow.

Everything considered on these pages is used for its functional value. We do not try to waste time with complex theoretical analysis about Market Profile or anything else. We strictly focus on how to apply the tools for clear cut, easily recognizable patterns which set up every day—for the best low risk/high probability trades. But it only becomes “easy”, if you know which tools are chosen and how they apply——which is all spelled out, beginning in video one, and following from there. If any of the foundation and structural details of preceding videos are not understood, viewing of later videos may confuse the viewers. So start from the beginning—“well begun is half done”!

OK. Here is how to go to the beginning: The posts are in chronological order by date, commencing with the first post in July. All the posts, charts and videos are found in the archives. You can now proceed to the first post (starting by date, from the bottom of page, the first post is found on July 19) by clicking here The Beginning:July Archive.

One more very important note. If you would like to see the videos zoomed to larger size:

DOUBLE CLICK on the video, to have it play on the Youtube site. Then click on the HD box in the bottom right corner. Or choose the red box next to the “HD”, and it will zoom full screen, but lower quality. HD may be the best choice.


Risk Disclosure: Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.


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