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August 17, 18 Multiple Time Frames, Setups & Triggers

Posted by Editor on August 20, 2009

Now we are beginning a new phase of study for the curriculum of this blog. We will begin to narrow our focus, for more precise understanding of our tactics, to identify our setups, and to be totally fluent with our mechanics for pulling the trigger on our trades. Now we will begin to examine several different techniques—-like “weapons” in our “arsenal”, to be applied when the situation warrants the specific tool for the specific task. In this video and the following one, covering the same two days, hopefully you will gain understanding of the ways I combine variables, observable on multiple time frames, with clear cut patterns setting up the opportunity to pull the trigger on very low risk/high reward trading opportunities. This is something that takes practice, and lots of homework to gain ability to recognize the different patterns and behaviors, and to gain perceptual skills to recognize these situations when they emerge in real time. So start by watching all the videos on this blog. Then study days, weeks, months, years, of back data, applying these pattern recognition parameters.

As I have been developing the structure and sequence of this material, I have attempted to unfold the means for you to gain access to these tools, with Investor RT software, and perhaps also Ninja Trader. In the second part of this video, we will see a very powerful adjunct to my strategies, using an additional set of indicators on smaller time frames for even lower risk entries. All along I have been putting everything in a context which should show you that all these strategies, tactics and tools can be accessible easily and with little up front expense, and very low ongoing expenses. (As discussed a little bit, during commentary on this video.) There will be enough free material, even on this blog, to alleviate the need to go out and spend on expensive courses or training programs out there. (Review the Background and Introduction section on my home page for more on this topic.)

Trading should be about making money, rather than spending a lot upfront. In my opinion, only after you make some money, should you spend money to enhance and refine your trading skills.   Then it makes more sense; from a position of strength and confidence, invest and re-invest in yourself, and develop your skills as you progress. When you demonstrate to yourself you have some real potential in this business, educational expenses can be a write off on profits, as opposed to digging a deeper hole. That is why I don’t promote my own “mentoring”. It is only there for someone who is ready for such a step, in terms of commitment and potential to benefit from the endeavors. I leave it up to you, if you want to investigate that next step. Meanwhile review and study everything presented here, very carefully and thoroughly. Then study the same things on historical data, as well as real time. Then see if you can put it all together.

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Risk Disclosure: Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.


3 Responses to “August 17, 18 Multiple Time Frames, Setups & Triggers”

  1. Hello, I love these videos. Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to post them.

    Are these indicators available for ninja trader ? If so, where would I purchase them…if you happen to know.

    • Editor said

      Hello John,

      The indicators I use are custom designed, not for sale by the developer, at this time. If you watch all of my videos, you will find that I address the issue of whether or not we really need special indicators. I try to illustrate various recognition factors which will provide similar timing parameters, to achieve results approximating the timing of the volume based indicators used on these charts. The recent spot forex examples illustrate this in great detail, showing how clusters of price action at fib levels will match high volume value areas.

      What I am attempting to demonstrate is how many different approaches to organization of information can be applied to identify the same universal market patterns of behavior. Dependence on certain indicators is not required. But if someone demands that dependence, there are various packages of indicators: MarketDelta software, RT Investor, Fin-alg, Gomi’s indicators on Big Mike’s Forum, etc.

      With regard to the Top Dog indicators, they are available for outright purchase, at a reasonable price, from Top Dog, Dr Barry Burns. They are available for those who have purchased his trading course. You can contact him at the link posted.

  2. oliver said

    There are some indicators on ninjatrader that might do the job. Search for GomLadder or GomVolumeProfile. I believe there is also a delta indicator available for ninjatrader.

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